About Us

AdviceTech Solutions is an IT consulting and services firm with a well-established reputation for providing high quality business solutions for customers in Israel. We provide cost-effective, custom-tailored IT solutions, consulting services, and software products to a range of organizations. Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that includes software as well as a methodology, based on years of experience in PKI and the management of large-scale IT projects. We also provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises in the areas of project management, infrastructure planning, upgrades, and initial implementations.


  • Dror Belleli - AdviceTech CEO with overall responsibility for the innovative direction of the firm. Dror has many years of hands-on experience in designing and implementing IT solutions for highly critical projects in the areas of banking and in the enterprise market. Before AdviceTech, Dror served as a senior consultant for Bank Leumi in Israel, business manager in the high-tech industry specializing in documentation and BPM solutions, regional sales manager for Top Image Systems, and technical consultant for HP.

  • Gal Alton - AdviceTech CTO with more than 25 years of experience in software development and more than 10 years of hands-on experience in PKI implementation. Gal brought PKI expertise to AdviceTech and has been providing ongoing consulting to large businesses in various areas of information security, such as digital identity, PKI, and smart cards. Prior to joining AdviceTech, Gal served in the IAF in various capacities, including CIO of a major software development unit and team member pf the F15 project at McDonnell Douglas.