Digital Certificate Management (DCM)

An effective method of protecting services provided over the Internet is using SSL Server certificates over a PKI infrastructure. With the use of SSL certificates expanding daily, and IT departments having to manage hundreds and even thousands of SSL certificates, conducting such an operation without a management and monitoring tool is a mission impossible.

DCM is a cost-effective lifecycle management solution for SSL certificates. DCM streamlines the work of the system administrator and helps prevent business outages. The DCM installation kit contains two components: an ASP management tool and a service engine.

The main functions of DCM are to streamline the administrative work of the IT organization, to prevent downtime in business services, and to save IT operating costs. DCM is operational at several large clients in the areas of banking, insurance, industry, security, mobile communications, and health services.

Main DCM Modules

  • Dashboard

    Discover and display MS-CA hierarchy.
    Performs periodic tests for each CA:
    • Network tests.
    • CA service health.
    • CA certificate validity.
    • CRL availability and expiration.
    • Email dashboard events to CA administrator.
    • Display status using traffic light color scheme.
  • Query

    Query tool for easy viewing and exporting of data from the DCM database
    • Advanced query by certificate attributes.
    • Customize view table columns.
    • Save queries for reuse.
  • Reports

    Reports for easy display of summary data about the PKI infrustructure
    • Expiration date arranged by MS-CA.
    • Expiration date of public CA servers.
    • Self-signed SSL certificates report.
    • Pie chart of issued certificates by template.
  • Setup

    Use DCM setup to define your system behavior according to the needs of your orginization.
    • Set alert intervals.
    • Set alert email format and addresses.
    • Customize query reports.
    • Set parameters for the dashboard.
    • Set DCM service parameters.
    • Set IP ranges for SSL scan.
  • Renewal Alert

    Sends various alerts to different people regrading certificate expiration:
    • Email alerts to certificate holder.
    • Email alerts by MS-CA templates.
    • Summary of expired certificates.
    • Write alerts to the Windows DCM event log.
  • Certificate Management

    Additional Management capabilities
    • Revoke MS-CA certificate.
    • Automatic certificate renew.
    • locate where certificate is installed .
    • import CER file